ADB says developing Asian economies are holding steady

Keeping up with what’s going on around the world when it comes to finance is very imporant. In today’s post I will be discussing how we are watching Asian markets and economies to know how we stand, while they are watching us! The whole world is intrigued (and maybe a bit disgusted) with the current […]

Entrepreneur Ben Bradshaw Named Finalist in Lord

When it come to the latest news for entrepreneurs this is the place to be. 3 stories caught my attention today. Hopy you find them useful. First, the eleventh annual Lord Moyor Business Awards in Austrialia has named Ben Bradshaw as the finalist. These are entrepreneurs who have contributed and are considered unrelenting in the […]

Digital Marketing SEO Specialist

When it comes to marketing one of the top considerations is SEO or search engine optimization. It used to be a science unto itself, and still is, but there are now various specialty break downs within this strategy that should be learned as well including social, video, etc. For reference here is a great description […]

Forbes ranks Chiefs as 26th in NFL franchise value

Looking for franchise news? This is the spot. I start today’s post off with some great news about the NFL franchise, the Kansas City Chiefs. If you are looking for something to invest in this might be it; they are currently ranked 26th in terms of valuable franchises for the NFL. Woot! Forbes ranks Chiefs […]

Little Rock Artists Shine in 2015

There is a lot going on for Little Rock artists these days. If you haven’t been paying attention here are some things you might have missed. Everything from the arts center moving to a new gallery. We hope to see more activity like this besides the other artistic expressions like the recent film festivals, artwalks, […]